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Cannabis/ Marijuana Education Forums

The Cannabis Education Series –named <Code4.20> is the latest educational series organized by Team Unity Incorporated.  These educational forums will advocate on three major areas:

  • Culinary:

    Interactive discussions on nutrition and the companies that are presenting Cannabis-based products into the marketplace

  • Medicine:
    Alternative Medicine/Acute Care and Insurance coverages
  • Culture:

    Self Wellness/Fashion

We find that our focused customized and creative process is necessary in order to adhere to our attendees interests (while developing a best-in-session outcome);  we leverage our deep industry experience and knowledge for all of our forums.  We also realize that not all situational aspects are always consistent.  Therefore, we focus on remaining thoughtful, thorough, and open-minded in understanding the needs our series explore, constructs and edifies the use of Cannabis as a medical alternative, culinary supplement and cultural argument.

Additionally, the <Code 420> education series are designed to foresee or predict many potential challenges and problems as Cannabis becomes more publicly acceptable. Giving communities (across various demographics); a chance to plan, organize and control activities so that consumption (use) of Cannabis products is complete and successful. 

For up to date information regarding our forums, please check us out our social media pages